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Section 3

Allows searching by Location, ZIP, and Business Type to find information on Section 3 Businesses. To find out more about what a Section 3 Business is, please visit

Getting Started

All communication with the API is done through HTTP, and errors are communicated through HTTP response codes. The available response type is JSON

Response Codes

One of the following response codes will be returned with every request:

200 Successful request.
202 Request processing. You can retry your request, and when it's complete, you'll get a 200 instead.
400 Bad request.
401 Unauthorized. You're not authorized to access this resource.
404 Not found. The resource requested doesn't exist.
429 Too Many Requests. The client has made too many requests and is currently being rate limited.
500 Server errors.

Code Samples

function loadJson()
            $.each(result, function(i, field){
                  //Access each field by using below code.

"Search" Web Service Fields

The following fields are available on the Housing Counselor web service.




Human Name: Location of Business

Human Name: Business Zipcode

Human Name: Other options (See "Try this API")

Type: Text

Type: Text

Type: Text

Feedback and Questions

To give feedback or ask questions about this API, please contact HUD at